Our goals

Our goal is to empower individuals to be one less statistic of poverty, joblessness, and homelessness –one life at a time, by:

  • Creating a Safe, Loving, Nurturing Environment

  •  Providing resources, support and tools that enable and equip individuals to move past their circumstances , embrace their future possibilities and their potential for “greatness”

  • Facilitating and creating a sense of self, purpose, possibilities, belonging and community

  • To unlock potential and remove barriers to define, achieve and sustain independent living

  • Educating and guiding individuals with the “business of life”

our results

  • We have had over 100 youth enter our program:

    • 98% of our older youth are employed

    • 100% of our older youth are either employed and/or in college

    • 100% of our youth have received H.S. Diplomas or GEDs

    • 12% of our youth have graduated college



Our Vision

To allow our youth to move from abandonment to independent and successful living, with hope for their future.


WHo we are

Two women on a mission.  Sharon McGinley, CEO/Founder and Marion Campbell, Executive Director, believe that we can make a difference in the lives of our youth and that no child should be left to fend for themselves.


We are a non profit, 501C3 organization

We are a safety net and nurturing environment for young people leaving foster care at 18 or 21 and without family or other support system. Our program is built on respect and caring to enable the transition from Foster Care to independence. Our trained staff and volunteers encourage and assist with the necessities of health, safety, housing, education, employment, training and LIFE.